About MAG

001-1-fThe Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is a volunteer led riders’ rights organisation that hasĀ been building in strength and diversity since it began in 1973.

MAG campaigns to protect and promote motorcycling and the interests and rights of all riders, from learner to advanced. We celebrate biking and the freedoms and independence it provides, through our support of parties and rallies, sport and competition, touring and travel.

MAG is the representative voice of riders in Local and National government and passionately defends all that is good about biking, mobilising riders through a local and regional branch structure.

MAG is not aligned to ANY political party or ideology, our independance makes it possible for politicians and officials to work with us knowing that we do not have a party-political agenda.

MAG membership is drawn from across the whole spectrum of motorcycling. Whatever you ride MAG has something for you.

MAG can, and does make a difference. We work directly with politicians and civil servants, but still employ other forms of direct action if necessary to ensure the rider’s voice is heard.

Since our humble beginnings nearly 40 years ago, we have matured significantly and are respected for our responsible, objective, informed contributions which enrich the political debate.

Throughout this evolution MAG has remained faithful to its core principles of freedom of choice and self – determination and the mantra “Education not legislation”.