Request for help from biker.

I’ve had a request sent in to Southampton MAG web-pages from a Michael James. If anyone can help, please contact me and I will pass on his email address so you can contact him.
His request follows:


I had an accident in the centre of Southampton yesterday and wonder if you could might be able to help.  I think I just slipped onto a wet manhole cover, but broke a finger my hand was put in a cast so had to abandon the bike on the pavement.  As I live in London I am now looking into recovery options as (stupidly in hindsight) I do not have breakdown cover.

I am sure the cost of return to London will be expensive, but as the priority is just to get it somewhere safe I am also wondering if it might be possible instead for someone local to recover the bike and hold it for me until I can ride again.  Do you know of anyone who might offer that?  Or have any other suggestions as what to do?  The bike is just a YBR125 Custom so not the most attractive to thieves, and I did make the police aware of where it is and why, but I am sure it will not survive long so keen to get it moved as soon as possible.